CleanPak Reload

Convenience and eco-friendliness

Designed to be user-friendly and engineered for simple application, CleanPak™ reduces bioburden by eliminating paper products and minimizing waste. Packaged in tamper-evident zipper bags, the CleanPak™ stack design reduces footprint and saves valuable benchtop space. Made from sturdy polypropylene, CleanPak™ is 100% recyclable. Included in each CleanPack™ package are 10 trays (96 tips/tray), a rack lid, and a rack base. Part number and lot number are printed on the rack base for easy identification and tractability.

Optimize Lab Space

960 tips on your lab bench using the same surface area as 1 rack

Low Cost. High Quality

Contamination Free

Re-sealable bag with sterile and non-sterile options

Fully recyclable and contains no contaminating cardboard or paper

Easy Identification

Less Waste

Instructional Guide


Disengage the lid and snap card from your Biotix empty rack


Tear the top strip and remove the protective lid


Transfer a snap card of tips from the CleanPak to your empty rack


Once you hear a click the snapcard is in place, replace the lid


Seal the CleanPak for later use