Rack Innovation by Biotix

Improving the Entire Pipetting Experience!

Meet B3, the latest evolution of the Biotix tip rack, available in two versions:  a hinged rack for uTIP and lift off lid for xTIP. B3 is designed to provide the optimal pipetting experience while using substantially less resources. To go leaner and greener, use with the Biotix CleanPak reload inserts. Click the features or the circles below to learn more about every aspect of this rack.


Removable hinged lid for uTIP (Universal pipettes) users, and lift-off lid for xTIP (Rainin LTS) users.


Clear rack and color-coded snap cards for easy identification


Autoclavable up to 100 times

Eco-Friendly Attributes

30% Less plastic than competitor racks


100% recyclable


Reusable rack base as a manual/automation 96-well reservoir

User Centered Design

Snapcard designed for
multi-channel pipetting


Nestable racks for safe and easy stacking and transport


Superior stable SBS footprint for secure pipette tip loading