Tip Eject Reload

Reload your racks without coming into contact with the tips. Tip Eject provides a clean reload solution with easy one-handed loading. Tip Eject’s rigid plastic covering shields tips from the laboratory environment from the top down, keeping contamination out, an important step toward reproducible data.







  • Clear casing and colored snapcards for easy tip volume identification
  • Easily operated with one hand with no contact with tips or snapcard
  • Takes 1/5th the bench space compared to a pack of racked tips
  • Snapcards click into place



  •  Reduces plastic use by up to 44% compared to racked product
  • Ruse the rack base as a large volume, SBS-footprint reagent reservoir
  • Recyclable packaging

Contamination Prevention


  • Tips are shielded from the environment and user handling
  • Rigid plastic case provides a cleaner reload than cardboard alternatives
  • All Tip Eject reloads come sterile and ready to use

Instructional Guide

Follow these instructions for the easy, hands-free reloading experience of the Tip Eject Reload:


Step 1


Remove lower protective rack base.

Step 2


Align Tip Eject over empty Biotix rack.

Step 3


Push down until a “click” is heard, indicating tips are locked into rack.

Step 4


Replace over rack base.

Demo Video: