Tip Eject Relaod

A clean reload option for the environmental conscious lab

Designed for intuitive use and engineered for simple application, TipEject™ saves time, effort, and waste. Quality sterile tips are stored in translucent packaging, fully protected from exposure to environment and handling. Made from sturdy polymer construction, TipEject™ is 100% recyclable. Included in each TipEject™ package are 10 trays (96 tips/tray) and a rack base. Part number and lot number are printed on the rack base for easy identification and traceability.

Reduce Waste by 80%

One Handed Operation

Shielded From Contamination

Fully Recyclable

Instructional Guide


Remove lower protective rack base.


Align Tip Eject over empty Biotix rack.


Push down until a “click” is heard, indicating tips are locked into rack.


Replace over rack base.