xTIP4 LTS Compatible Pipette Tips

xTIP4 creates a perfect ergonomic system on LTS pipettes with our StarStop
and FlexFit technology. These tips require lower insertion force for a secure seal and eject with less force than competitors.


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Flexible Proximal End


FlexFit allows you to securely seal your LTS pipette with less

insertion force than competitor tips. With FlexFit, you won’t find

tips falling off your pipette or uneven liquid levels just accurate and

easy pipetting.


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Positive Stop


StarStop is a positive stop feature that inhibits

jamming tips which is the cause of high ejection forces.

This feature aligns the tips on multichannel pipettes, giving

you even liquid levels and secure seals across all channels.


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Low Retention


All Biotix tips are manufactured to be low retention to

maximize sample recovery and improve the accuracy of

your experiments.













Optimal Surface Area


Blade lowers the chance of hanging droplet

formation by optimizing surface area at the distal end of

the tip. With Blade, every aspiration saves you from the

hassle of tip touch off while improving precision and accuracy.

Convenient Packaging Formats



The Optimus rack is easy to use, secure, and resistant to multiple autoclaves. Available with filtered, sterilized, and non-sterilized options.


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CleanPak Reload


CleanPak is the reload solution for the lab that is looking to maximize lab space and reduce their environmental footprint.



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Tip Eject Reload


Tip Eject is a manual ejected reload system that allows you to rack tips efficiently without handling the snapcard.



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